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Warning over online web cam scam

Northumbria Police is warning internet users to be on their guard against an online scam.

Across the country there has been a number of incidents where people are persuaded to perform sex acts on a web cam that put them into compromising positions.

Following the web cam incident they give their ‘friend’ access to their Facebook account and  are then told, or shown, that the incident has been recorded.

Once this has happened demands for cash are made under threat that the recordings will be posted on other Facebook accounts.

Although this scam has been taking place across the country there has been three incidents in the Northumbria Police area over recent months.

Detective Superintendent Steve Howes explained: “While there has been only a small number of these type of incidents, they can be highly distressing for those involved. The victims are being asked for significant amounts of money or threatened with having personal images of themselves posted online.

“It’s thought the scammers may be operating from Morocco or Ghana and are using a variety of chat rooms to “befriend” people.

“These incidents should act as a reminder to people that it’s often not possible to tell who you are communicating with online and computer users should only reveal personal details if they are 100% sure who they are talking to.”

More information on internet safety is available on the Northumbria Police website at

Source: Northumbria Police

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