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Man sentenced for possessing weapons and ammunition

A man has been jailed for possessing weapons and ammunition prohibited
under the Firearms Act.

Marcel Maden (05/09/1993) of no fixed address pleaded guilty and was
sentenced to seven years eight months at Manchester Crown Court Crown
Square today, Thursday 14 March 2013.
He also pleaded guilty to two counts concerning the supply of Class C

In October 2012, police executed a firearms warrant at an address on
Kimberley Street, Salford.

The house was searched and underneath the floorboards officers discovered
three handguns, a twelve bore double barrelled shotgun with two magazine
clips, and a plastic bag of live ammunition ranging from 9mm casings to
shotgun cartridges.

After examination, it was found that the weapons were prohibited under
Section 2 and 5 of the Firearms Act.

As officers continued to search the house, documents were found that
connected Maden to the property.

He was later arrested and found in possession of an iPhone.

Maden claimed he had bought the phone earlier in the year and had the
memory wiped, to remove all the data stored on it. When the phone was
examined, photographs were found of Maden wearing a distinctive polo shirt.
There were also other photos of Maden posing with a firearm, wearing a red
face covering and standing in front of a mirror and holding a gun with the
barrel exposed. He was wearing the same t-shirt on these photos.

Detective Constable Gary Kelly based at North Manchester Division said:
“When we examined the phone, we found images of Maden wearing a polo shirt
that had a unique pattern across the chest area. When we examined further
photos on Maden’s phone, we discovered the same t-shirt was being worn on
each occasion. That, alongside him having the same physical appearance and
wearing the same watch as Maden as well as the photographer holding the
same iPhone was enough evidence to put him behind bars.

“Thankfully, these dangerous weapons have now been taken off our streets
and I would ask anyone who may have information as to where guns and
ammunition may be stored to contact us. I would like to stress that the
information you supply to us will be treated with the strictest of

Source: Greater Manchester Police

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