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Men jailed in connection with cash in transit robberies

Five men have today been jailed for committing a string of cash in transit robberies.

The following were sentenced at Harrow Crown Court:

[A] Thomas Knapper, 26 (11.04.87) of no fixed abode was sentenced to five years. He was also given a further one month imprisonment for breach of a suspended sentence.

[B] Michael Brothers, 29 (16.02.84) of Bravington Road, W9 was sentenced to five years.

[C] Daniel Wilson, 30 (30.11.82) of no fixed abode was sentenced to 15 months.

[D] Christopher Forde, 26 (1.06.86) of no fixed abode was sentenced to six months.

[E] Yusef Taibi, 21 (24.10.91) of Aldsworth Close, W9 was sentenced to six months.

Knapper and Brothers pleaded guilty to one count each of robbery between December and November 2012.

Brothers also pleaded to an additional count of robbery. Wilson pleaded to one count of attempted robbery. Forde and Taibi along with Knapper pleaded guilty to money laundering after evidence obtained showed them laundering dye stained money from one of the robberies in a bookmakers. They pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing at Harrow Crown Court.

Finchley’s Flying Squad launched Operation Voador targeting those involved the robberies and the organised crime network involved were identified by detectives.

They would conduct the robberies in a small area in London around the Harrow Road and Kilburn areas using high-powered stolen getaway cars. Before abandoning the cars, they would use them to run over the cash boxes to open them.

The gang were all eventually arrested after Brothers was caught following a botched raid in November 2012 in Elgin Avenue, W9.

Knapper and Taibi were arrested on 17 December 2012. Also on this day a series of warrants were conducted.

Forde was arrested on 28 February when he was found hiding in a hidden compartment in his girlfriend’s bed divan during an arrest enquiry.

Wilson was arrested after he confessed to police, whilst he was in custody for unrelated matters, his role in the robbery conspiracy.

DCI Harry Hennigan, of Finchley’s Flying Squad, said: “I am pleased with today’s sentences. These individuals had a significant impact on crime against cash in transit deliveries and their arrests and convictions bring an end to their offending spree. We are committed to using our expertise and professionalism,to ensure we bring perpetrators to justice.”

Source: Metropolitan Police Service

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